Who we are

We are bicultural,
we are bilingual,
we are the hispanic community in the United States.

We have united our passion and years of experience in an interesting venture into a new space. As Latinos in the United States, we have become part of a shared culture, and we have grown to communicate not only in Spanish, but also in English and in Spanglish.
Our mission is to be the voice of our clients on digital platforms, working together for the growth, presence and interaction of their brands with their target audiences.




Discover needs.

Design strategies.

Create content.

Connect your brand.

Disseminate your message through digital and social media.


Alexandra Tabar (CEO)
Media Producer / Content Creator


With more than 10 years of experience, Alex has developed a diverse portfolio containing projects ranging from entertainment to education, creating content for digital media, television, and publications. She has been the producer and co-writer for various documentary films, some of which have been presented in international festivals and have won prizes such as “Best Documentary.” Alex is Youtube certified in their “Audience Growth” program, and is a fan of Mafalda and Willy Wonka.

Jose Vicente Arcieri
Communications & Marketing Specialist

Jose boasts more than 12 years of experience in communications, wearing many hats in the audiovisual world as well as in corporate communications. Throughout his career he has performed a variety of roles, such as audiovisual producer in multiple productions in Colombia, Spain, Dominican Republic, and Miami. He specializes in the planning and development of communications plans, and spends his days reading about soccer and his favorite team, FC Barcelona.

Franchesca Guim
Media Producer / Content Creator

An advertising communications professional with a Master’s degree in audiovisual production, Franchesca has eight years of experience as an international media correspondent, specializing in the entertainment industry developing content for television and online media. She is the creator and content editor for the online magazine CamaraFlash, and has education and experience in developing branding strategies for social media. If Franchesca were to enter her brownies into a contest, she would win a Michelin star.



We personalize our strategies to the needs of each client, channel, and objective.

We invite you to try out the experience of trusting your social media with capable professionals.

We want to work with your company to revitalize the voice behind your brand!

Our location

We are located in the two of  the most influential cities in the United States, New York and Miami, which allows us broad access to the entire East Coast and the Hispanic communities that reside there.

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